Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This is such a typical look for Kieran. Giggling about something. Things I don't want to forget about Kieran at eight:

--you love to play the piano. I never have to nag you to practice, you go right to it. you are loving your new keyboard you got for Christmas as well.

--very picky about your breakfast fruit. no matter what I choose, you want something different. if I peel a banana, you wanted asian pear; if I cut up an orange, you wanted the banana. and the banana must be green--no spots!

--if Kaden does it, it must be good and you do it too. he makes all the rules in the games you play, and while you don't like it, you love to play with him and so you put up with it.

--you love to draw. and you draw the most detailed, often small drawings! you draw great knights, robots, transformers, and skeletons. and they are not flat drawings, but have great 3D depth to them. you love your cartooning class too.

--you love to play soccer. every recess you play, and in the backyard with Kaden. at home you make up your own rules (or rather, Kaden does) and play for hours. you love to play indoor soccer at home too!

--you care about how you look. you love your hair long, and like to look at yourself in the mirror. you have opinions on what you wear! I love pale blue (like in the photo) and browns on you.

--favorite food: macaroni and cheese! a restaurant isn't good unless they offer it. you choose the Macaroni Grill for your birthday based solely on the fact that they have mac & cheese!

--you are a huge bubble gum fiend. you love your gum, and usually have 2 pieces in your mouth! you got a bubble gum machine for your birthday, and love it! for piano prizes, you almost always pick gum packs. you blow great bubbles too!

--right now you're into birds (so is Kaden). you've been using your camera to photograph them. you look them up in the bird book, and draw them too.

--on school mornings, when your alarm goes off, you collect your clothes, and come climb into my bed. I'm already in the shower, but you snuggle there and get dressed under the covers.

--you're best friends at school are Ryan and Matthew. you also like Nicholas and Nate and Owen.

--you love to have "sleepovers" on Saturday nights with your brother. I dislike them and never remind you, but when you remember you beg and beg until I agree.

--you just turned eight which means you got a pocket knife for your birthday from Grandfather. you love it.

--you just started playing Age of Empires on the computer and love it! you're obsessed with it now, and keep asking when you can play it again (I didn't let you play until you were eight).

--you're favorite word is "seriously?" and since you're so gullible, you use it quite often!

Love you, Mom.

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