Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is one of many New Year's Resolutions: blog daily! I have a terrible memory and this seems like an ideal way to document daily happenings I don't want to forget.

Another goal that goes hand in hand with this is a Photo A Day in 2008. I want to develop my photography skills this year and daily practice will help. So here's the first photo (actually two, but I didn't take the second one!), from our 2nd annual New Year's Day hike at Great Falls. We hiked 2.5 miles total, and discovered that when we head out to Yellowstone this summer, we better aim for hikes no longer than 1.5 miles. Either that, or make sure and pack a lunch! Poor Kaden thought he was going to starve to death. And the only snacks we had with us all involved some type of peanut product. In spite of that, it was a great hike, enthusiasm from all of us, until near the end when Stoehr and Kohler tried to be good samaratains and push a large branch off the trail. It ended up cutting Kohler's fingers pretty badly, poor kid. I thought one cut might need stiches, but as the bleeding wasn't bad, we opted for steri-strips and band aids only. We ended the day with dinner at Sweetwater Tavern.

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