Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Self Portrait Tuesday and other Flickr goodies

I've been totally addicted to Flickr lately! There is so much photo inspiration on there that I can't tear myself away! I've been busy adding Groups and Contacts to my flickr site, and I'm finding that I'm especially drawn to photos taken with old polaroids, holgas, and a technique called through the viewfinder (ttv). So I've made a couple of purchases! First, I purchased a Kodak Duaflex with a ttv attachment already attached from ebay. Then I decided I had to have a Holga, so I bought one from Holgamods, a one-man operation that modifies Holgas with a couple neat features. Then finally, I bit the bullet and purchased an old Polaroid SX-70 off of ebay. Unfortunately Polaroid no longer makes the most desired Time Zero film for this camera, so my options are to either purchase 600 type film off the shelf and modify the camera to use it, or purchase very expensive 70 Blend film from the Netherlands! In any case, I can't wait to get these three new camera and start experimenting!

Here are some totally inspiring flickr sites using these types of cameras:
through the viewfinder inspiration
polaroid inspiration
holga inspiration

Now how can you not want to try these cameras out after seeing all that?! can't. wait. Along with these totally useable cameras I bought, I also picked up two for display only. I've always loved old cameras, and have a few of them already, but I saw these two at a thrift store the other day and couldn't resist.

The one on the left is actually an old movie camera, while the one on the right is an old Polaroid Square Shooter. They are both in good condition, very clean with nothing broken. I was hoping I could use the Polaroid, but after an extensive search it seems that Polaroid no longer makes the type 88 film I need for it, so it will have to be for display only. It's too bad as the photos I saw taken with this type of camera were very cool. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more old Polaroid's at the thrift store though!

I'm also discovering that there are certain types of photos that appeal to me as well. I really love to take photos that show great depth of field (dof), reflections (mirrors or other shiny surfaces), and feet! Maybe I like the challenge of having something specific to look for, but they are fun.

I've also joined a few challenge type groups on flickr:
color+color -- a group that posts a new color combination every week. Your photos must mainly feature these colors.
self portrait tuesdays -- pretty self explanatory.
{On A Wednesday} -- photos taken on Wednesday, or featuring the word Wednesday.
Love, Thursday -- not a flickr group, but an amazing website run by a group of female photographers that just started up.

Well that turned out to be a longer post than I had planned. More photo a day pictures later.

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Betty said...

I SWOON for your Polaroids! I had no idea that they stopped making film for the Square Shooter... that makes me sad.