Friday, January 25, 2008

So much for resolutions!

Somehow life got in the way of blogging this week! I didn't even realize it had been a week since the last post. Oops! Here's all the photos-a-day that I missed over the past week:

January 18, Sunrise off the front porch.

January 19, Family musical afternoon! Stoehr and I pulled out our old instruments (violin for him, flute for me), Kohler played his electric guitar, and Kieran directed. Stoehr and I took turns at the piano. Photo by Kaden!

January 20, Three of Kaden's favorite things: wearing his pajamas, sitting in this chair by the window with the heater on, and surfing the web on his laptop.

January 21, Kohler had no school today (MLK day), so he made himself and me breakfast: pancakes with peanut butter and lots of syrup.

January 22, My favorite hat of Kieran's that he's about to outgrow! The light was beautiful outside, so I made him put this hat on and pose for me!

January 23, Breakfast before school. Kohler had already left for the day. Kaden and Kieran love cereal, and Kieran finally decided to try it with milk! Don't ya love his bed head!

January 24, Stoehr heading off to work in the morning, wearing my favorite blue sweater of his.

January 25, Kaden, post-shower, checking out his reflection in the freshly cleaned bathroom mirror!

That's it! Our week in bits and pieces. We have had some sad news overtake us this week though, that's taken a lot of my time. A good friend of ours had been having headaches for over a week, and finally had to go to the ER on Monday night. They discovered a mass on his brain. He was transferred to Johns Hopkins Medical Center where further tests showed a 3cm tumor. Surgery was performed tonight (Friday) and we are still awaiting the outcome. How quickly life can change in one week.

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