Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catching Up

Thursday, January 31, My new cameras! A Polaroid SX-70 in great condition bought off ebay, and Kodak Duaflex with a contraption for taking Through the Viewfinder photographs, also from ebay. They both need some work before I can use them though which is very frustrating. The Polaroid needs a filter, and I need a close up filter for my digital SLR to use the Duaflex.

Friday, February 1, Yum, grapefruit for breakfast.

Saturday, February 2, Self portrait taken late in the evening, holding my new Holga camera for the Shutter Sisters challenge.

Sunday, February 3, Kieran can officially ride without training wheels! And Kaden is much better too. Stoehr has been working with both of them, and today it all clicked. Kieran can even start off by himself. And he is thrilled! He's always loved to ride his bike, so now that he can do it without training wheels . . . watch out!

Monday, February 4, The boys had a half day of school today, so a friend came over for a couple hours. They played their own version of badminton in the front yard for a good while.

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