Monday, March 3, 2008

The Chaos of Boys

I read a post today, over at the Shutter Sisters blog about boys. More specifically, life with boys in the house. I certainly never expected to have a house full of boys. I always pictured myself with lots of girls . . . playing barbies and paper dolls, teaching them to sew and do other crafty things, dressing them in polka-dot dresses and striped tights. But here I am with three boys, and I couldn't be happier about it!

You see, I don't think I was meant to have girls. I don't think I could handle the drama and emotions that go with girls. Boys, well they're loud and boisterous, full of energy and dirt, but they are not moody and dramatic like girls tend to be. When boys make friends, they're friends forever, not just for the week or until someone talks behind your back. Obviously these are stereotypes, and not all boys or girls are like this. But I'm still in love with my boys, and wouldn't trade them for a flock of girls!

I especially loved this quote from the Shutter Sisters site: "And by everything, I mean that chaos which is a house of boys: flying Legos, the hiss of supersonic jets, beaming laser blasters and the rubble of broken alien spacecraft. Dirty bare feet on clean white sheets. Questions falling like rain, books everywhere." That is us to a tee. Especially the questions and books and Legos!