Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Begins

It's been such a cold, damp spring, it's hard to believe that summer has officially begun! Memorial Day weekend is over, school is ending tomorrow, and the weather is warming up finally. We headed over to Assateague Island for Memorial Day weekend, a two year in a row annual tradition for us.

We pulled the kids out of school a bit early, and headed out. Luckily, we really didn't hit any traffic, and we got to our camping spot around 5 p.m. Now that the boys are older, they can help a lot more, so Stoehr and Kohler set up the tent, while the other two helped me unload the car. They couldn't wait to hit the beach, so once everything was set up, we headed up the boardwalk to the ocean. The nice thing about camping at the National Park is that the beach is pretty much empty. In the distance to the left and right you can see crowds where the public parking lots are, but where we are it's usually just a few families. Stoehr and Kohler built a roaring fire right away and we had s'mores. Yum!

Building bonfires on the beach is definitely our favorite thing to do there, and we had another one on Saturday. We love it so much I even plan meals around it, trying to think of menus we can cook over the fire! Saturday we kayaked for a few hours, then spent the remainder of the day back at the beach. Sunday, back at the beach again. This may be our only time at the beach this summer, so we made the most of it! We decided to head home late Sunday night so we could sleep in our beds one night, so I went back to camp to pack up. When I got there, the herd of horses had invaded our camp. I was by the car arranging things in the trunk, and put a Target bag full of garbage down by my feet. Well it must have looked tempting to the horses because they came right up and grabbed it away! They shook out the potato chip crumbs all over the grass, then one particularly bold horse reached in the trunk and grabbed out a bag of bagels! He managed to eat one before I got it away from him.

The boys thought that was the funniest thing ever! One horse got his nose stuck in the Capri Sun box which served him right!

Once we were finally packed up, we headed over to Ocean City and met up with the Hutsons. We went to the beach with them then went back to their house for pizza and the hot tub. Great end to the weekend! We got home around midnight, but were very happy to be clean and in our own beds.

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