Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a beautiful weekend! It's been a very rainy, cold spring, but today was amazing. Cool, sunny, and breezy--great day to go to the zoo! We got to the Baltimore zoo around 11 a.m. and stayed until closing at 4 p.m. Not as many animals as I've seen there before. It is an older zoo, so perhaps they are remodeling, but the boys still enjoyed it. There are two main sections: the children's zoo, and the African plains. Had to take a few photos:

I just got my new 10-22mm lens, so I brought it along to try out:

I like the wide view, but I have to get used to how it also makes things look farther away. Can't wait to use it in Yellowstone though!

After the zoo, we headed over to Camden yards for an Orioles game, where they were playing the Nationals. We met Stoehr's best friend and his son there as they were in town for the weekend. Kaden is a big O's fan, and Kieran likes the Nat's, so they both dressed in their team jerseys to cheer on their teams:

I used the wide angle lens again to take in a full view of the stadium, and us in our seats. Could never have done that with my 50mm!

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