Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

What a thrifty day I had today! I had my best day ever at the thrift stores. My cart was actually full! And I must admit a lot of it was Christmas shopping. That's not wrong, is it?! Not when the stuff is so amazing! And of course I had to buy a few things for me too.

First up, Christmas gifts! Mainly for my neice and nephew, but also a couple books and a cookbook for my sister and sister-in-law. I couldn't believe the beautiful wooden toys I found, and the puzzles had all their pieces. Score!

Next, three purses. The top left one is a Coach purse, the red one is Croft & Barrow, and the black one on bottom is Charter Club. Great prices for nice leather purses!

This tray I'm not too sure about. It was only $2.50, but I wasn't able to clean it up like I had hoped. I love the turquoise color and the worn texture, but it might be unsalvagable.

A vintage cross stitch in a worn, white frame. Love it! And I haven't decided if I will paint the frame next to it black, or leave it gold.

Last, a distressed black frame, a glass food cover, and a glass jar to add to my collection. I want to put the glass cover on my wooden cake stand and display things under it. I also found the tiny cup and saucer--a gift for my mom who collects them.

With my cart piled up with treasures, I thought to myself, now if only I could find a cool pair of shoes. And lucky me, I did! No photo, but I scored an orange pair of Nike tennis shoes in exactly my size. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket today!

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