Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap #3

Yes, there is still more Christmas to discuss! After all, you haven't seen photos from the actual day yet, have you?! I actually got a photo of everyone individually while we were opening gifts. And lest you think our gift opening is a mad free-for-all, let me quickly correct you! Oh no, we take our time. First the boys get up around 7 a.m. and open their stockings. Meanwhile we get breakfast ready. Breakfast is then eaten and most of us get dressed (the boys stayed in their new pj's this year). Only then do we all sit down to begin unwrapping gifts.

And even then we take our time. One boy gets to be "Santa" each year, and they get to pick gifts from under the tree one by one and hand them out. We usually go around the circle so one person doesn't open three gifts in a row. And we all watch while the gift is unwrapped so we can all ohh and ahh over what's inside. We try to draw the whole process out as long as possible. I usually try to make sure the best gift for each person is the one they open last. So with that all clarified, here is the gift unwrapping!

First up is Kaden. Legos were back on the lists this year, so Kaden got one of the (many) Star Wars Legos he asked for.

I found a great screen printed map of San Francisco for Stoehr from Ork Posters. San Francisco is our favorite city, and we honeymooned there. I think he liked it!

No gifts in this photo, unless you count my Christmas baby as my gift!

Kieran got a lot of books for Christmas. He's not a big reader, so each time he opened another gift of books he didn't look too thrilled, but I think he got enough other fun gifts to make up for it! He did like the Garfield comic books I gave him though.

No gifts in this photo either, just Dad making friends with Molly. The two of them seem to have a love/dislike relationship!

Kohler was thrilled to get the PS3 game Civilizations Revolution. It was the one thing had had asked for, so Santa had to bring it.

Dad went the sentimental route this year, and sent away for a certificate from Ellis Island showing the arrival information of Mom's father, way back in the early 1900's when he arrived from Hungary. Can you see the tears in her eyes?!

I like to take a photo every year of each child with their pile of gifts. It's fun to look back and see what they got from year to year. Here's Kohler with his pile.

Kaden with his goodies.

And finally Kieran. Note all the books!

After all the gifts had been opened, the boys all settled down with their new games. This is such a classic shot of them all.

And finally, Christmas dinner. Mom and Dad went all out this year and prepared a roast turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, stuffing, and all the fixings. Guess who had dish duty?!

Merry Christmas!

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