Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Blizzard

We had what must be the storm of the decade today, and it hasn't ended yet! At least a foot and a half of snow piled up outside, and we're likely to see over 20" total! It was a Saturday, so no school was missed (yet), but the boys had the best time playing in the snow for hours. They were out for three hours in the morning, came inside and had noodle cups and watched a Star Wars movie, then went back outside for another couple hours. Stoehr had a fire going in the outdoor fireplace, and there was lots of sledding down the hill and snowball fights. I had high hopes for a relaxing day indoors, but kept pretty busy drying wet clothing, making chocolate chip cookies and homemade pizza, refilling hot chocolate mugs, wrapping gifts, and tidying up. Oh yes, and I took a few photos too!

The boys hiding behind a snow fort for a snowball fight.

No traffic in the streets=maximum sledding fun!

Boots drying out by the fire.

Cup o Noodles . . . traditionsl snow day food!

Looks like a ski slope scene!

Roaring fire in the fireplace to go with the hot chocolate.

Sledding and more sledding!

Even Molly got out in the snow!

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