Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School Shopping

Because there are no girls in our family, trips to the mall are pretty rare. When the boys were younger, we'd usually only make it once a year, for the annual santa photo. Now that they're older, while they still aren't interested in clothes shopping, there are other stores at the mall that they love to visit, namely the Apple store. Game Stop is also a draw, and of course the food court!

So with these stores as a bribe, I was able to get them to the mall for a back to school shopping trip. Don't get me wrong, the boys like to look good, and like nice clothing, they just don't always appreciate shopping for them!

First stop was to look for church clothes for the boys. This should do!

We love American Eagle. Good prices, and great clothes!

Loved this shirt, but thought some of the details looked a bit feminine.

Love the displays!

This is actually Kaden's favorite store for clothing.

Next up, the boys needed new shoes. Didn't find anything we liked though.

Some of our purchases: a new backpack from North Face, items from Urban Outfitters, and an
Abercrombie shirt for Kieran.

One of our favorite stops: Haagen-Dazs! Love the dulche de leche milkshakes.

I love this sofa from Pottery Barn. I think I might in fact need it!

We always need to stop at the Lego store. Kieran picked out a cup of mixed pieces for himself.

There's a huge Barnes and Noble here, and we always browse for at least an hour, usually in this same spot!

Next to last stop of the day, the food court! Kieran loves Five Guys, while the rest of us chose chicken kebabs and beef bulgogi. We ended the day seeing Inception in IMAX at the theater here. Loved it!

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