Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Book Festival 2010

The National Book Festival took place today, on the Mall in D.C. This is our fifth year going to the festival (out of 10 years total) and it seems to get bigger and better each year. I love listening to authors talking about their craft and their process, and hearing them read their works. The boys love it as well, and I think it's important for them to see the authors they read and love. I've gotten books autographed before, and I did take one today to get autographed, but I really should take more. It's very easy to get an autograph, and it's so neat to have that in your book collection. Here are our favorites from today:

{Shot of the festival, looking towards the Washington Monument.}

{Suzanne Collins, author of the hugely popular Hunger Games trilogy. Kohler loves these books.}

{Ree Drummond, blogger and cookbook author, known as Pioneer Woman.}

{My absolute favorite, Ken Follett. I started reading his books in high school and have read every one of them.
I got his autograph.}

{I'm really looking forward to his new trilogy, and loved hearing him speak about it.}

{Timothy Egan, author of The Worst Hard Time, a non-fiction historical book that I loved.}

{Micheal Buckley, new author, who was hugely entertaining to listen to.}

{Kieran's favorite, Jeff Smith, author of the Bone comic books.}

{He showed how he draws his characters and comes up with ideas.}

{He was great to listen to, and hopefully inspiring to Kieran!}

{We hadn't eaten all day, so once we heard the last speaker, we headed to Chinatown.}

{Right to our favorite fresh noodle and dumpling restaurant, Chinatown Express.}

{Here are the chefs making noodles in the front window.}

{Our second time to eat here after going to the book festival!}

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