Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Roundup

A quick recap of 2010. In 2010 we:

1. went snowboarding

2. hosted a Superbowl party

3. ate at Maggiano's three times

4. saw a record snowfall in Maryland

5. celebrated Kaden turning 12, Kohler turning 15, and Kieran turning 11

6. registered Kohler for high school

7. saw the Terra Cotta warriors

8. vacationed at the Happiest Place on Earth

9. hiked at Great Falls

10. went backpacking for the first time (Kohler)

11. had a first girlfriend (Kaden)

12. got braces off (Kohler) and on (Kaden)

13. saw Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert

14. camped at Assateague with friends

15. cheered for Kaden at the Key awards ceremony

16. teared up at Kohler's graduation from 8th grade

17. joined a new CSA

18. took the kids to Hershey Park

19. saw the boys all do very, very well with their swimming (JO's, Long Course invitational, All Stars, Zones, Age Group Champs, high point summer trophies)

20. were thrilled when Kaden moved up to NDG's and Kieran to Advanced Juniors

21. spent lots of time in Bethesda

22. vacationed in Yosemite

23. were proud of Kohler and Stoehr for climbing Half Dome

24. started 5th, 7th, and 9th grades

25. went river tubing

26. sent Kohler off to his first Homecoming dance

27. saw Jon Stewart at the Rally for Sanity

28. re-joined my book club

29. sent Kaden & Stoehr up to MIT for a SPLASH weekend

30. hosted Thanksgiving for 21

31. were thrilled to see Kohler get baptized

32. cheered for Kohler at his first high school swim meet

33. encouraged Kieran and Kaden to practice their new band instruments (saxaphone & clarinet)

34. saw a total eclipse of the moon

35. spent Christmas in Michigan

36. rang in the New Year with good friends

Along with untold dinners, dishes, showers, dog walks, play dates, parties, swim practices, guitar practices, hours spent commuting, movies, games, arguments, and lots of kisses!

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