Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow and more snow

Well this week has been a wash, school-wise. Only Tuesday was a school day. I did have a short day at school today, but the boys have had three snow days in a row. I'm guessing the district is about at it's limit of snow days, so hopefully this will be it! We don't want to be going to school into July.

Unfortunately we have been without power since Wednesday evening. Just as we were sitting to down to dinner the lights went out. We scrambled around trying to find candles to light. The rest of the evening was spent hunkered down in the family room, gathered around the fireplace. We pulled mattresses and duvet covers into the family room and the boys made little nests to sleep in.

Thursday was more of the same. The boys played in the snow for a while, then came inside to warm up. I hung dripping snow pants in front of the fire, popped microwave popcorn on the stove top (gas), poured steaming mugs of hot cocoa, and served up the melting ice-cream. Kohler was gone snowboarding all day, and the other boys and their friends went to the YMCA to play basketball, so I had the chilly house to myself for a while, to read my book club book and watch Parenthood on DVD.

In the evening we ate our meal of chili and spaghetti and snuggled back into our warm comforters around the fire. This morning there is still no power and the house is down to 55 degrees. We escaped to Panera for lunch and some internet time, but will head home soon. Hopefully the power will be back on by tonight.

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