Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend in Photos

We had an "away" swim meet to go to this weekend. KA's swim group swam a meet at the University of Delaware, so he and I headed up there Saturday morning. The morning began, as all Sat. mornings do, with swim practice for KC, I made breakfast burritos for breakfast, then shipped Stoehr off with KC and KN to the oldest's high school swim meet. Somehow life has conspired to keep me from being able to be at all but one of his high school meets so far!

Once they were out the door, KA and I were able to pack up and hit the road. We made it to the hotel in an hour and a half, checked in, then found the pool and ate lunch at Panera. After lunch we went straight to the pool for warm ups. Despite being a D1 swimming University, I was not impressed with the pool. Not too big, and the seating area sucked! KA swam o.k. Not his best meet. I've warned him that his last three meets were so great that at some point he'd plateau, and perhaps that happened today! Later we realized that he had worn his practice suit to race in, but I don't know how much blame we can place on that!

The session ended around 7:30, so we headed back to the hotel and the TGIFriday's next door. Dinner there was not great, but it was fun with just the two of us. Then the hotel, a little iPad time, and bed.

Sunday morning we were up at 6:15 and headed to breakfast in the hotel. We checked out at 7:00, wondering why the hotel was so quiet. Well when we got to the pool we realized why! Warm ups had been moved up an hour, and we were late. Oh well. Today was a much better swim day. KA had some good times, especially in the 100 back, which he had NT in.

Once the meet ended, we walked over to Panera for lunch, then hit the road home. Back at home, Stoehr and the other two boys had spent Sat. night at KN's basketball game. Sunday morning KN had swim and basketball practice. We arrived home around 2:30, and we all just chilled for a bit. No homework for anyone! In the evening we saw TRON, and had a dinner of nachos while watching the Golden Globes.

On a totally annoyed note, KN apparently lost his brand-new iTouch while in the movie theater. Must have slipped out of his pocket, and he didn't notice until we were back home. Of course we called the theater, and of course no one turned it in. Not too happy about that. Tough lesson to learn, unfortunately.

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