Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend in Photos

What a weekend! It felt like a really, really long weekend actually, as it started last Wednesday with a snowstorm that closed school for three days. We lost power Wednesday night and didn't get it back on until Saturday afternoon, almost three full days later. Temps in the house dropped to 50 degrees. All the food in the fridge was put out in the snow to stay cold. The boys' bedding and a mattress was dragged into the family room where the boys slept for three nights.

Friday we escaped for a little bit to Panera for some heat, food, and internet. In the evening we met Stoehr, his mom and cousin at a new restaurant called Nando's Peri Peri. Stoehr has been wanting to go for some time, although I'm not sure why as it's a chicken restaurant and he's vegetarian. It was o.k. Nothing to write home about, and I probably won't go back.

Saturday morning we still had no power and I just didn't have it in me to get up and dressed and off to church on time. Instead we snuggled up by the fire, watched movies, and read books until it was time for Kohler's swim meet in the afternoon. The younger boys went to a friend's house with power and played in the snow and warmed up in their house. Kohler's high school team won the meet and are now the only undefeated team in the division! Kohler did well, leading off the last winning relay to a nice headstart. The team went to El Golfo for a buffet Mexican dinner after the meet. The best news of all was a text from Stoehr letting us know that the power was back on!

When we got home, it was time to leave immediately for Kieran's basketball game. We tried to talk him out of it (bad parents, I know) but he really wanted to play. Since I often have to convince him to do things like this, I felt it was important to take him and support him, so we headed out to the game. They won, and Kieran was able to play a bit in both halves. Stoehr and the older two boys had stayed home and watched Red On-Demand. After getting Kaden and Kieran to bed, we watched the final episode of Battlestar Gallactica in season four.

Sunday morning Kaden skipped swimming as he wasn't feeling well during the night. He's been fighting a cold for what feels like forever. Kieran swam and had basketball practice. The rest of Sunday was very relaxing. The boys played games in bed for a while, we ate a lunch of leftovers, the younger two boys went grocery shopping with me (and ran up the bill!), Kohler helped coach the neighborhood swim practice, and we had leftover enchiladas for dinner. No homework to worry about since the boys didn't have school most of last week! In the evening I read stories and everyone had a nice and early bedtime.

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