Thursday, February 3, 2011


Kohler brought home an interesting homework assignment tonight. They are reading Romeo and Juliet in English class and the teacher sent home a "Perfect Mate" form for us to fill out. Kohler is supposed to fill out one side with the traits he would like in his perfect mate and the traits he thinks we would like for his perfect mate. I am supposed to fill out the flip side with the same info, but neither one of us can look at what the other has written until we are done. Interesting to say the least!

Would we pick the same traits, or would we have wildly different wish lists? Kohler has heard me talk (complain) many times about traits I don't like, and I have definitely mentioned to him things I hope he'll consider in a future partner, so the odds were good for us.

Here is what we came up with:

Kohler would like:
1. fun to be with, easy going, easy to get along with
2. athletic, adventurous, likes nature and the outdoors
3. nice, smart, caring, understanding
4. attractive (code for "hot")
5. likes me and likes herself
6. likes my family and my brother's wives; liked by my  mom
7. humble, joyful, organized, decisive
8. likes reading
9. a good mother

I thought he would say:
1. hot
2. funny
3. athletic
4. easy going, not dramatic
5. not clingy
6. can cook good food! lots and lots of it

Not too bad, we actually had some overlap. Now lets see how we compare on my traits:

I would like for Kohler:
1. self confidence: can be their own person with confidence in their abilities, decisions, and who they are
2. relaxed and easy going, but still organized with a sense or purpose, self starter
3. love of nature and outdoors activities: kayaking, hiking, camping, biking, running, swimming
4. likes to live simply and has good financial sense
5. little bit new-agey: yoga, green living, meditation
6. desires to make a peaceful, happy, organized home with good parenting skills
7. has a zest for life and will make him happy!

Kohler thought I would say:
1. someone I like and who likes us
2. someone smart and easy to talk to, fun
3. good parenting skills
4. not annoying
5. neat and clean, organized, good cook
6. attractive and cool
7. good cook
8. likes to be with family

Again, a little bit of overlap. More importantly though, I like the list he came up with! The hard part will be finding someone with all these qualities. Luckily he has quite a few years ahead of him for that!

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