Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photography Class #2

I worked on my assignments for my photography class yesterday afternoon. We had decent light coming in the windows and it's been so gloomy lately that I thought I better take advantage of it.

Assignment #1 was to take two photos of whatever we wanted, using program mode. Here are those two photos, SOOC:

Both of the shots were taken at 400 ISO. Kieran is facing the window much more than the dog is, so you can really see the effect of side lighting on Molly.

The second assignment was to take five photos of the same thing in program mode, starting with 100 ISO and raising the ISO each time, then noting how the shutter speed and aperture changed each time.
Here are those five photos, again SOOC:

 100 ISO, 1/50, 1.6

 200 ISO, 1/80, 1.8

400 ISO, 1/100, 2.0

 800 ISO, 1/160, 2.5

1600 ISO, 1/200, 2.8

You can't really tell from these photos, but if you zoom in to the 1600 ISO photo you can really see the grain the high ISO adds, as opposed to the creaminess of the 100 ISO image.

Next week we're on to Aperture which is what I really need to learn. Can't wait!

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