Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Vacation

We are in the process of deciding where to go for Spring vacation this year. I am all about vacations. They are my favorite activity to plan and do as a family. I've actually planned vacations we've never gone on! We have never had a bad family vacation, partly because of good planning, but mainly, I think, because no matter where we go or what we do, we always have fun together. Some of our best family memories revolve around vacations we have taken.

That said, it is always a chore to decide where to go, research what we want to do, find the best airfare, etc., etc.  The extremely high airfares this year aren't helping very much either. But I feel strongly that family vacations shouldn't be put off. We only have so many years left before the kids are in college and doing their own thing. Yes I need to fix up the kitchen, yes we need to landscape, yes there are lots of things we could spend our money on, but I always feel like that can wait--our time together can't.

So here are our choices for this spring:

Budapest. My grandparents are from Hungary and my mother speaks Hungarian. She and I visited Budapest in 1989 when I was in college, and I would love to take the boys and Stoehr to the city, hopefully with my parents. It's beautiful, right?!
Feliz cumpleaños querida hermana Elena - Happy birthday dear sister Elena
image from here.

Dominican Republic. Never been, but it has everything we love in a Caribbean island: friendly locals, beautiful beaches, jungle-covered interior, fun activities.
image from here.

Costa Rica. Never been here either, but would love to go for many of the same reasons as the Dominican Republic. Beautiful beaches, jungle activities, howler monkeys, zip lines.
Dawn in the remote wilds of Costa Rica
image from here.

The Florida Keys and Everglades. This is my last choice at the moment. It's on the list because it's a warm destination with water, snorkeling, wildlife, kayaking and fishing that we could actually drive to, thereby saving on airfare. Downside? It's a long, long drive!
Ahead of the storm front - Key Biscayne
image from here.

Where are you going for spring break this year? Any suggestions?!

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