Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend in Photos

We had a really good weekend. And by good, I mean the best! Friday night started with Kaden's band, "That's What She Said" having a gig at a local restaurant. They did an amazing job and played to a packed room. Kaden went home with Tuck and except for a few minutes Saturday night I didn't see him again until Sunday afternoon!

Saturday morning the rest of us headed out early to Kohler's high school divisional meet. He had a great meet, swimming the 50 free (coming in 1st), 100 free (3rd), and both those strokes again in relays, in which they placed first! We were at the meet for five long hours and crashed when we got home. Poor Kieran had to sit through the meet with us, then entertain himself by listening to Odyssey tapes while we napped at home.

We left Kohler in charge in the evening while Stoehr and I went out to Maggiano's with friends for our traditional Valentine's dinner. I think we've been doing this for maybe 10 years now! Sunday morning I was back at the pool early with Kohler for a distance meet, where he swam the 1000 yard (freestyle). The team went out for lunch to Cheeburger afterward, where Kohler managed to put away a pounder burger, in addition to fries, onion rings, milkshake, plus someone's elses leftovers. He made me so proud.

The rest of Sunday was spent blogging, doing laundry, and napping. Stoehr and Kaden worked on electronics "stuff" most of the day, picking up supplies at Radio Shack and taking junk apart for parts. Kaden loves doing this and he's so lucky to have a dad who knows what he's doing and can teach him. I felt bad that Kieran didn't have the best Saturday so after basketball practice I let him have a friend over for the rest of the day. In the evening we watched the Grammys and cheered for our favorites (Muse, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa).

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