Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend in Photos

What a great weekend (aren't they all?!) No swim meet this weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it! Of course I didn't remember to take pictures until Saturday afternoon, but hopefully I can capture it in words.

Friday night I got the younger two boys off to swim practice and went out for a quick happy hour with my best neighborhood buddies. Made it back home just after Stoehr and the boys all got home. We had a quick and easy dinner of cheeses, baguettes, sausage, and fruit. Made a little boxed mac & cheese for the younger two. Super good and easy! We will definitely do that again. And we had game night instead of our usual movie night. We broke out Kaden's new birthday game, Carcassonne. It was so much fun--quick and easy to learn. I think it will be a new favorite!

Saturday morning we actually made it to church; first time since November! We were sitting in church and I look to my left and see Kohler falling asleep, Kieran is leaning against me falling asleep, and to my right Stoehr is also asleep! Only Kaden and I were awake. And we wonder why we don't make it to church more often :) We had lunch at home; homemade panini's on our electric grill. I make them with tortillas, and just pile all kinds of leftovers inside: cheese, sausage, saucette's, spinach, tomato, avocado. Kind of a panini/quesadilla mash-up.

In the afternoon Stoehr took the younger two for a quick hike, Kohler napped, and I worked on my photo class and read. We invited our good friends and their kids over for the evening to watch a movie, and we spread out all kinds of yummy food: mozzarella sticks, soft pretzels, bagel bites, chicken fingers, and pita chips and hummus. Pudding pie and cheesecake topped it off. We watched Salt, and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Good family action movie!

Sunday morning I made Belgium waffles for breakfast. It was a rainy day, and the boys wanted to go to Gamestop to buy the new Pokemon games that had just come out. Their best friend came over too, and the three of them played Pokemon all morning. Meanwhile Stoehr and I tackled the front closet, taking everything out and reorganizing. More on that later, but a sneak peek is below. Laundry was done, and in the evening, Kohler and I headed out in the pouring rain to his swim team banquet. It was very nice, held at a country club, and when the paper plate awards were passed out, I'm "proud" to report that he took home the "Cougar Bait" award since he always "older" girls hanging around him. Love it!

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