Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend in Photos

I'm finally getting last weekend's photos up, just in time for this weekend! Wow! I can't believe almost a week has gone by since I last posted. I've got to get caught up.

Last weekend was a little bit of all my favorite things: dinner out, time spent downtown, family meals, and gardening. Friday night the boys and I met Stoehr downtown for dinner at Oyamel, a Mexican tapas restaurant. Great food, but we think we prefer the other Jose Andres restaurants we've eaten at. The guacamole was amazing and we tried lots of yummy little dishes including brussel sprouts, beans, corn tortillas, fruit & jicama salads, flank steak, and a variety of tacos. After dinner we drove to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms. In spite of all the rain we've had, the blossoms were beautiful! It was freezing cold though, and none of us had jackets, so we didn't get out much.

Saturday Stoehr and I made breakfast together. I made snickerdoodle muffins and Stoehr made huevos rancheros. Great way to start the weekend! We wanted to head downtown to a museum, but were slowed down a little by the tourists and scattered rain showers. We finally made it to the American History Museum and spent a couple hours browsing the exhibits. On the way home we stopped by Taylor Gourmet for subs. We got home just in time as Kohler's "friend" was coming over for a bit. In the evening the boys all had various plans and Stoehr and I actually had time at home alone, so we watched Black Swan together.

On Sunday we had a slow start, but around noon made it outside to the garden. Stoehr and I worked together moving plants from the front garden bed to a spot in the back yard and then digging up the beds to prepare for planting. I planted cauliflower, swiss chard, and lots of lettuce. We got so much done and were so sore we could barely move when we were done. The garden looks so nice now though. We going to have to watch out for the squirrels and birds though! Kieran also decided that he wanted to bake something today, so he looked through one of my cookbooks and picked out a recipe for pita bread. He basically made them all by himself--he kept telling me to let him do it all. They turned out great, and everyone enjoyed the treat.

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