Monday, August 22, 2011

Brand New School

The school my youngest boy has attended since Kindergarten (and his brother's also attended) finally completed the new building this summer. The school was founded over 50 years ago, and they have been meeting in the original building this whole time. Over the years grades have been added and the student body has grown, but we still met in the same (overcrowded) building. It's taken years of negotiations with the county and lots of fund raising, but finally we have a new building!!

We were on vacation when the open house was held, but as soon as we returned we headed over to the new building for a tour. The new building is three times as big as the old school and has so many more rooms: a beautiful auditorium, a huge gymnasium, and a multi-purpose room, whereas the old school only had one small gym for all three purposes. Youngest son is beside himself with excitement over the new school, and what makes it even more exciting is he is now a middle schooler.

I took a few photos to share:

this will be the new library once shelves and books are unpacked:

one of the beautiful, new, wide hallways:

the stage in the new auditorium:

the multi-purpose room, which will be used for lunch time (kitchen in the back) and sports practice:

another beautiful hallway (locker rooms to the left):

the gymnasium! with bleachers that pull out:

the courtyard (high school to the left, elementary to the right):

the atrium at the high school entrance:

view of the courtyard from the second level:

one of two computer labs:

the high school science lab:

the high school entrance atrium, from the second floor:

The entire building is so beautiful and spacious. What a difference after spending so many years in the old school! We are looking forward to a great middle school and high school experience in this building.

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