Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whole Foods

I stopped in Whole Foods today to pick up a fillet of salmon for hubby's birthday today and was reminded again how much I love that store! Just walking into the produce section I surrounded by such variety and color. Love, love it! Unfortunately it's not very convenient for me, and I'm all about convenience! And it's also a tad pricey! My usual store of choice is Trader Joe's, but Whole Foods sure is nice as a special treat. I didn't have too much time today, but was able to get some fresh mozzarella, pirate booty for school lunches, fresh pineapple, and some bulk pine nuts to make pesto. I also bought a super yummy chocolate mousse cake to celebrate the birthday. I had to dash through the prepared foods section, but oh how I'd love to go back and browse! I could drop some serious cash there.

{all images from Google images}

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