Sunday, February 21, 2010

Future Engineer

We have a future engineer in the family. Kaden has always been great at puzzles, legos, strategy games, and math. He beats everyone in chess, loves to play Risk, and is getting into Warhammer. When he began middle school, there were several after-school activities offered, so I encouraged him to join MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement club).

Friday, his MESA club had its first field trip. They went to an engineering career fair where they heard lectures and got to visit various booths sponsored by engineering companies. Part of the fun was collecting all the swag the companies gave out (pens, t-shirts, frisbees, lanyards), but Kaden's favorite thing was a magazine with articles about all the various engineering disciplines (mechanical, aerospace, robotics, architectural). He really likes robotics, but also likes the idea of inventing new things, like tiny spy "bugs". He's so excited about it and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's so great to find your passion early in life. And he certainly has the aptitude for it. We want to do all we can to encourage his interests, no matter what they are. And I'm hoping there's maybe a Stanford or MIT in his future!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

Yes I know that title's been overused in the news, but I still like it! We have officially now entered the record books: most snow in one winter ever recorded in the D.C. area! I believe it's at 65" and counting right now, and February isn't over yet!

Here's what it's been looking like around here lately:

After one of our small snowfalls leading up to the blizzards.

Snow is just beginning here. How can I tell? Because I can still see the road!

There's a bush under there somewhere, and a house behind it!

Our street, buried under two feet of snow.

Beautiful, snowy front yard.

Poor Stoehr had the hard job of digging us out of the piles of snow.

Kieran absolutely loved the snow. Snowball fights, forts, snowboarding, you name it.

A lot of snowboarding took place. Kieran is actually getting some air here!

Both boys and their friends roamed the yard, from the hill in front to the woods in back.

Kaden walking in the street, knee deep!

Kieran in the street, thigh deep!

Stoehr trying to dig our cars out of the drifts.

Neighborhood kids (including mine) heading up the street to a snowball fight. We literally had to wade up the road.

After the first blizzard on the weekend, we measured 23". The second blizzard mid-week added another foot!

Definitely a winter we will never forget!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Conversation with my 14 year old

K was busy IMing his girlfriend, with a smile on his face because he likes her soooo much . . .

I looked at him and said, "well, at least we know you like girls."

K bursts into his great laugh, and amidst the chuckles says, "I love you. You're the coolest person ever!"

I love it when I can make him laugh like that.