Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yosemite in Polaroid

I've been hoarding my little stash of Polaroid film for a year now, unwilling to use it up since I can't get any more! But what better time to use it than for our vacation to Yosemite National Park! A destination like that just seems to beg to be captured on Polaroid. I love the images I came away with, and just wish I had taken more, but a Polaroid is not the easiest camera to haul around the park, on hikes and taking the shuttle bus!

Something about our National Parks gives off that vintage, 70s feel, and I think the Polaroid captures that perfectly!
{Kohler outside our tent-cabin in Housekeeping Village, reading at the picnic table.}

{Yosemite Falls.}

{under the bridge on the Merced river. the water is oh-s0-cold!}

{up against the stone support--beautiful stone work!}

{the beauty of the Merced river, with granite walls in the back.}

{looking up at some of the tall evergreens.}

{valley view, with those amazing granite walls!}

{valley vista.}

{dark trees and granite walls.}

{viewing the valley in the distance.}

{and here's their view, with the back of Half-Dome barely visible.}

{Tenaya Lake.}

{beautiful cloud formations.}

{on the shores on Tenaya Lake--cold and perfectly clear.}

{looking up at a cliff.}

{outside our cabin in Curry Village.}

{valley vista, looking at Half-Dome.}

{beautiful meadow in Sequoia.}

{scrambling up rocks in Sequoia.}

{we could live in this tree!}

{amazed by the giant Sequoia trees.}

{checking out the Sequoia grove.}

{fallen tree.}

{up on Panorama Point.}

{loving the trees and hikes!}

{looking out over King's Canyon in the distance.}

{watching a storm come in--until the lightening scared us off!}

{Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia.}

{on the beach in Santa Cruz.}

{corn dogs on the boardwalk.}


{outside our hotel, the Dream Inn, in Santa Cruz.}

{love the boardwalk!}

{breakfast our last day, at Emily's cafe.}