Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sandy Aftermath: NYC

I've seen this photo posted in several places, and it always makes me stop in disbelief. The destruction and devastation left behind in Sandy's wake is almost unbelievable. Not knowing exactly where it would hit or to what extent it would affect us, we were prepared for it in the DC area. We stocked up with water, got out the lanterns and flashlights, set up beds in the basement, and fixed up an alternate power source (converters in our cars).

Our neighborhood is full of old growth trees and we almost always loose power in storms. Luckily I had taken down two large trees this summer that were directly behind our bedrooms so I didn't have to worry about that. By Monday evening we were amazed and thankful to have pulled through with no damage and power still on. But as the images from NYC and New Jersey began pouring in, our hearts went out to those affected by the terrible flooding and destruction.

{image via Poynter}

See the full story of how the photographer took this photo here. And please consider making a donation to any of the organizations helping out in the affected areas.

San Francisco

Ahhh San Francisco! This beautiful, foggy walk makes me want to move there tomorrow! What is it about this city that pulls at the heart strings?

 {images via Laure Joliet}

See the full foggy walk here.