Friday, January 18, 2008


Things I don't want to forget about Kaden as he turns 10.

--he is the gadget boy. if it is new and electronic, he wants it. iPods, iPhones, radios, PSPs, the Wii, his GameBoy DS, a laptop, he loves it and wants it all.

--he is full of energy and never stops moving. sitting still is very difficult, and even then some part of his body is usually moving. he fidgets a lot!

--he is top of his class in 4th grade, even though he just skipped 3rd grade! no problem catching up.

--he loves war history. for a while he was really into the Civil War (especially after we visited Gettysburg), but now he's interested in WWI. he pores over books on the subjects and even looks up info on the internet to read.

--he will be a millionaire someday. Kaden loves to earn money and counts and keeps track of it all the time. especially when he's saving up for something (see electronic gadgets above).

--he is the best money finder (see millionaire above). Kaden constantly finds money on the ground, in vending machines, and phone booths.

--he loves to sell things to his brothers (see millionaire above). Kaden hoards his candy and when he needs extra cash, sets up shop and sells it to Kieran (who is an easy mark for candy) and Kohler.

--Kaden is the one who invents all the games the boys play. underground cheetah. bears & bunnies. seller by the deller. bocce ball. fun activities. not only that, but he makes up new rules to already invented games. his brothers are truly bored when he's not home as they miss his inventive ideas.

--Kaden loves to listen to his radio in his room. he turns it on as soon as he gets home from school, and leaves it on until he's fallen asleep and we turn it off. the only station he listens to is WGTS 91.9.

--his favorite things to read are Calvin & Hobbes comics. Kaden is too full of energy to sit down during the day and read, but when he does, or at night in bed, this is his favorite thing to read. followed closely by books about war history.

--he is a big Orioles fan. i'm not sure how it happened, but he loves this team. we went to a few games last summer, he collects their cards, and has a shelf in his bedroom devoted to O's items. we even redecorated his room with an Orioles theme last summer!

--he is a great chess player. he regularly beats me, his dad, both his brothers, and even his grandfather! he gets frustrated that he can't find more people to play with.

--he's not too sure he wants to go away to camp this summer. i'm trying to encourage him, but he's pretty sure he'll miss us too much and be homesick.

--Kaden loves playing soccer and baseball. he plays soccer everyday at recess and from what I hear, is a great player. although not aggressive, he's fast and quick. on his organized team, he prefers to play defense.

--his best friends are Ryan, Jeff, and Tucker. play dates and sleepovers are important and to be scheduled as often as possible.

--he's a great artist. he's always loved to draw and is very good at it. he loves the cartooning class he's currently taking with Kieran.

--Kaden loves his alarm clock and watch. his alarm clock is set for school mornings, and i never have to get him up. he also loves to wear his watch and tells me how much he loves it. in conjunction with that, Kaden hates to be late to anything, especially school. he and Kieran are both constantly hurrying me up in the morning. not only can we not be late, but we must be early!

--Kaden cares what other people think about him and has a fear of being embarrassed. because of that, he's never once gotten in trouble at school, and i've never heard anything but praise for him from anyone he comes in contact with. just watch out at home though!

--he's almost ready to test for his red belt in tae kwon do.

--he loves showers! on nights when i say then can skip showers, Kaden still wants to take one. even on nights when we get home really late (like saturday's), Kaden always asks if he can take a shower. he's envious of Kohler taking a shower in the morning, and recently asked if he could take a shower both in the morning and at night!

Love you, Mom

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