Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap #1

So much has happened over the last few weeks, I don't quite know where to begin! How about with all the snow we had while in Michigan for Christmas!

The 10-hour drive was fine except for the very beginning and the very end. When we left our house at 6 a.m., freezing rain was falling making me very nervous. Then we were fine until we left the toll road in Indiana where we promptly hit snowy roads with more snow falling.

The boys of course were thrilled. Just what they wanted! Snow for Christmas. We were glad to arrive when we did though, as more and more snow kept falling. And after that things iced up very nicely, keeping us mostly snow bound for the first half of our vacation!

When we arrived at my parent's house the car thermometer literally showed -3 degrees. I've never been in weather that cold. My windshield fluid wouldn't work as it had iced over! In spite of the cold, the boys were anxious to play in the snow. I didn't want them out too long as the wind-chill was way below zero and I was afraid of frostbite.

They stayed out an hour the first day, then maybe an hour two different times on the second day. By the third day the temps were in the teens and I felt better letting them stay out longer. The cold never seemed to faze them though! I'm sure all the running around helped, but I was glad to see warmer temperatures.

We must have two feet total before it finally started warming up and melting. Of course "warming up" is a relative term in Michigan in winter. One day it actually climbed into the 50's, but otherwise the temps always hovered around freezing or below.

It did make for some beautiful photos though, and soaking in the hot tub while snow falls around you is the best way to enjoy a hot tub.

Even Molly got to get out and run around in the snow a bit. She loved being off-leash, and once she figured out what the snow was, she loved it. Best of all: we had a white Christmas!

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