Saturday, January 24, 2009

Georgetown Tour {warning: photo heavy post!}

A couple weeks ago, we decided to spend Sunday in Georgetown. It's been ages since we had been there, and I'm not sure we're ever taken the boys. Our first stop had to be the Georgetown Flea Market.

It's not a huge market, but there are at least 50 dealers with things ranging from carpets to art to furniture, to the usual trinkets and ephemera.

I found a vintage clock for my collection (two total now!) but nothing else caught my eye.

The best surprise though, was that the boys loved it! Once they realized that this was like the best pile of junk to dig through ever, they started searching the tables for things for their collections.

Kaden apparently collects knives (he bought one in Yellowstone) and he found a nice curved, carved knife (that might actually be a letter opener). Kieran was loving the old watch/clock parts, and found a few pieces that he promptly took apart once he got home.

Kohler, being the frugal boy he is, didn't get anything, but he did have fun looking.

Definitely a place to return to, and also a desire to find more flea markets in our area.

We passed by Cafe Bonaparte, and while we didn't stop this time, it looked wonderful and I'd love to back. Something about the "crepes" sign!

We love the old cobblestone streets and sidewalks you find in Georgetown.

And who wouldn't want to live behind one of these doors! There are so many amazing streets and homes in this section of D.C. And you could walk to almost anything you could desire! Check out these beautiful doors, still decorated for the holidays.

And just think how much better this street probably looks in any other season, when the trees are blooming, or full green, or turning colors.

D.C. has to be close to 100% Democratic, and it was quite in evidence in Georgetown. Posters, signs, decorations, all congratulating and celebrating the new President.

We hadn't yet eaten lunch when we passed by Thomas Sweet Ice Cream, but if we had, we would have loved to try the ice-cream here!

There are so many delicious places to eat in Georgetown it's hard to pick one, but the menu posted outside Mie N Yu drew us in. And boy were we glad it did!

The decor inside was amazing! Tented tables and booths, each table set a little differently, with pillows and cushions to sit on. We loved the mango and blueberry non-alcoholic mojitos, but they also have a huge wine list.

And the food was delicious too! Even Kaden found something to eat, with a smoked salmon appetizer. (Kieran had a slice of pizza we brought in with us!)

After dinner we were ready for some ice-cream but alas, Thomas Sweet was too far away, so we had to "settle" for Haagen-Dazs instead!

Actually, only Kaden & Kieran had ice-cream . . . the rest of us decided to wait for . . .

Georgetown Cupcakes! We had heard about this tiny jewel box of a store and had to check it out. Luckily the line was only 15 minutes long, so we bought a half dozen to try.

I've never been much of a fan of store-bought cakes, but these were truly amazing! They tasted homemade and even the frosting was delicious.

Two of my favorite store are in Georgetown: Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Not only do I love their products, but their store windows are always beautifully decorated as well.

Georgetown has always been a favorite hangout for college students and it's easy to see why. All the shopping your could want along with bars and restaurants. Don't even try to come on a Saturday night!

This is a very old part of the city, and the old canal runs along the back of the shops on M street. There are some great old buildings, including this one with stars on the side.

And if you continue down beyond the canal you eventually run into the Potomac River. There are walking paths down here, and if you walk along the river towards D.C., you'll come upon some great waterfront areas and the Washington Harbor. It's also a great place to spot the planes continually coming into National Airport.

Georgetown is very pet friendly (at least for small dogs!) and the waterfront is a great place for a walk with your favorite pet.

It's a great place to spend a weekend!

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