Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lucinda Scala Quinn

Lucinda Scala Quinn is my new favorite chef, cookbook author, and T.V. show personality. I first discovered her cookbook, Mad Hungry, while browsing the cookbook aisles of the local bookstore. It looked good, so I bought it and brought it home. I love to just read cookbooks, especially ones that include the author's personality and not just recipes, but this cookbook was amazing. Well written and aimed at hungry families (Lucinda has three teen-age and older boys of her own), not only was the cookbook fun to read, but I also wanted to cook from it.

I have now made several of the recipes from the book and they have all been big hits, making it into the weekly rotation. After having had the cookbook for a while, one day I was browsing around the channels and discovered she also had a cooking show! I immediately added it to TiVo and began watching. On her show, Lucinda cooks lots of recipes from her cookbook, but many other new recipes as well.

Lucinda is also the executive food editor for Martha Stewart Living, and Grub Street New York recently followed her around for a day-in-the-life article.  Find the cookbook here. Follow Lucinda on her blog here. Find info on the cooking show here.

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