Friday, March 4, 2011

Photography Class #3

I'm getting a bit behind on my photography class. It's now week five and I haven't done the assignment for week four yet, but hopefully I can get caught up this weekend. In the meantime, this is the assignment for week three. Week three was all about aperture priority mode. On my Canon camera that is the Av spot on the dial. This mode basically means that you can choose how wide you want the lens to open, and the camera will then adjust the shutter speed accordingly, depending also on the ISO you have chosen.

I actually love aperture mode and use it most of the time. My favorite lens is my 50mm 1.4 lens which means my lens can open as wide as f1.4, which is pretty wide. I love using it wide open like this because it throws the background out of focus, focusing only on the exact point you choose. This is the aperture that gives you the best bokeh, which is those wonderful circles of color you can see in the background of my holly photo below. If you use this aperture on a portrait it's important to focus on the eyes of the person being photographed as most of the rest of the person will be out of focus. It's not a great aperture for more than one person because of this.

The assignment this week was to take a variety of photos using aperture priority mode, either wide open or very narrow. Of course I chose to take my photos wide open, and the photos below are the results. Hope you enjoy them!



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