Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

I found a post the other day that I thought was brilliant. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the link to the original post, but I will excerpt it here, with a few of my own changes.

So many times we look forward to the weekend all week, but when it comes, somehow it doesn't live up to our expectations, which then makes us feel bad because we feel like we're wasting our precious free time. In any activity in life I find that being prepared can make all the difference in our enjoyment of it, and really, the weekend is no different. Yes, the weekend is often great for relaxing and spontaneous fun, but ironically, it's often easier to be spontaneous when one has planned ahead! A few simple steps can make all the difference in how we go into the weekend and in our ability to enjoy it.

Here are some ideas:

1. Start with laundry. Gather up all the clothes, bedding and towels and throw a load in. Make your bed with clean sheets and clear things from your nightstand or dresser. A clutter-free, fresh space can be a lot more inviting and relaxing. And who doesn't love sleeping in fresh sheets?

2. Give your bathroom the once over. Clean the sink, tub, toilet and faucets so they shine. This is good both for your enjoyment and in case any unexpected visitors show up.

3. Clean your kitchen counters off. I like to start the weekend with a clean slate when it comes to the kitchen. Finish up any last minute dishes in the sink. It's so nice to start the weekend with full cupboards of clean dishes and an empty dishwasher so we can clean as we go.

4. Empty your garbage bins. Not just the main one in the kitchen, but also the smaller bins in the bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms.

5. Clear the clutter. If you have young kids, pick up their toys and put them away. If there are too many out, put some away in storage. Clear off paperwork that is cluttering up the counters and table. Too many shoes out in the entry way? Put them away too. Sports equipment, kids' backpacks and musical instruments can be returned to their rooms or the garage. Your weekend will be much more enjoyable when you aren't tripping over toys or other clutter!

6. Give some thought to what you'll eat. Think about breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Defrost meat and run to the store for last minute essentials (milk, eggs, fruit). Try assembling ingredients for pancakes, muffins, crepes, or perhaps a breakfast casserole. Make some juice and cut up fruit. This can save you a trip to a restaurant or ordering take out.

7. Plan an activity for each day. You don't need to go out everyday, but having some plans in place for what you might like to do throughout the weekend can curb boredom. Round up whatever supplies you might need.

8. Check your schedule. Look over your calendar and note any activities scheduled for the weekend: kids' sports, birthday parties, get-together's with friends. Make sure you have the supplies you need. Fill the car with gas so it's ready for anything.

Now you're prepared to enjoy your weekend!

(above items excerpted from a blog post I read this week. If you know where this came from, please let me know so I can credit it.)

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