Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan

I've missed a few weeks of posting what our dinner plans are for the week, so I'll try to catch up a bit.

Last week's menu:

Monday: homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella and a greek-style pizza with feta, green olives and red onion. Super yummy!

Tuesday: stuffed bean burritos (filled with corn, refried beans, olives, cheese, salsa)

Wednesday: beef and snow pea stir-fry with rice

Thursday: chicken with olives over fettuccine (love this dish--it starts on the stove top then cooks in a covered pot in the oven for 45 minutes)

Last week was a week of no homework for Kohler, so we were also treated to him making fresh, home made pretzels two night and chocolate chip cookies one night. He's an awesome pretzel maker.

This week's menu:

Monday: leftover Chinese food (not very exciting, I know, but it was good!)

Tuesday: chicken fajitas with yellow rice

Wednesday: Mexican lasagna and salad

Thursday: chicken stir-fry with peppers and zucchini, white rice

I also made an effort last weekend to stock up on weekend-type foods so we could try and cut down on eating out all weekend. Our restaurant tab is just getting too high! I don't like to make/eat the same things we have all week long on the weekend, so I stocked up on frozen pizza, mozzarella sticks, chicken taquitos, and chicken tenders. I know it doesn't sound terribly healthy, but it wasn't all for one weekend! I made up a list of foods that we like to eat on the weekends so I can refer to it on Friday and make sure we have some essentials in stock. Hopefully we won't be tempted to just go out to eat when I don't feel like cooking! I'll try to share the list in a different post.

 Mexican lasagna

 Greek pizza

 pizza with fresh mozzarella

 unbaked pretzels

freshly baked pretzels

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