Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Re-Cap #4--Santa!

We almost didn't make it to see Santa this year. Somehow, with Thanksgiving being so late this year, Christmas seemed to come a lot sooner, and a couple days before Christmas we still hadn't made it to the mall for the annual Santa photo. We arrived in Michigan a couple days before Christmas, and with all the snow and ice, I didn't have much hope that we'd make anywhere. But on Monday before Christmas we decided to brave the roads into Mishawaka, IN to go to Borders and Papa Vino's (it takes a lot of snow to keep this book-loving family away from Borders!).

Since the mall was right next door, I made the executive decision to stop in real quick for a photo. Unfortunately the rest of Indiana was also out at the mall doing last minute shopping, so simply getting into the mall was a nightmare! But once we made it inside, Santa was totally free and waiting for us. Luckily they allowed me to take my own photos too, as long as I also purchased a photo from them. No problem! I love that this way I'm able to get natural shots of the boys' talking to Santa as well as the posed shot.

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