Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmas was really, really good this year! Of course, it always is. Not many toys, the boys have pretty much outgrown those, which certainly makes it harder to shop for boys! The boys didn't wake up until almost 8:30, and per tradition, opened stockings first. Stocking gifts are always fun to pick out, and they got some good stuff this year. Kohler was still sleeping, and would have slept until noon, had we not been forcing him to wake up as his bed was the sofa in the living room!

Breakfast was next, with fruit, muffins, and our favorite chili-egg puff casserole. Then it was time to open gifts. I don't know who was more excited, me or the boys! I love picking gifts out for people, and it's so much fun to watch them be opened and enjoyed. We open one gift at a time, and try to draw it out as long as possible, to prolong the fun. No one really wanted to play Santa this year, so the boys and Stoehr all took turns passing gifts out.

Some of the favorites? Mom definitely loved the book of poetry and photography that Kohler gave her. She cried, so it must have been good! And the boys and Stoehr all loved and were very surprised by the iPad I bought for them. They had all joked about wanting one, but no one thought it would really happen.

The rest of the day was spent playing with our new gifts, and getting dinner ready. I settled down with the new Flour cookbook Kohler gave me, the boys took turns playing with the iPad and new games, and Kieran started flying his new AirHog helicopter around, with a little help from Stoehr.

Dinner was traditional: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, and a Brownie-Heath Trifle that I made for dessert. Yum!

Christmas Eve: Raclette dinner.

Kohler, waiting for the meal to begin, so he can melt some cheese!

potatoes and tiny onions for Raclette. You can see the grill in the background.

Christmas Eve pajamas. Our tradition!

everyone on Kohler's back!

sleepyhead on Christmas morning.

it was a beautiful, snowy morning!

Kieran and Kaden beginning to open their stockings.

still yawning? it's 8:30! maybe the chocolate will wake him up.

it seemed to wake Kohler up!

the Christmas tree, with all the gifts spread below.

Stoehr got the new Apple T.V.

mom loved the book Kohler gave her, filled with his poetry and photographs.

Kaden got season 6 of his favorite new show: Mythbusters!

new headphones for Kohler! no more earbuds.

we surprised him with the Blair Swim team jacket he'd been wanting.

we got Kaden a new knife for his collection, not realizing how huge it would be!

Kieran got the Air Hog helicopter with camera he'd been asking for.

we got dad a new griddle, the biggest one we could find!

a Led Zeppelin book for Kohler.

we got Kieran this inexpensive Ocarina, and were surprised how well he could play it!

I love Kaden's face when he realized what was in the box!

and Stoehr is looking pretty pleased and surprised too.

it's an iPad!

all the "boys" with their new toy.

every year I take a photo of each boy with all their gifts.
here's Kieran pile of goodies!

Kaden with his gifts.

Kohler with all his new things.

Merry Christmas!

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