Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend in Photos

Our weekend was a nice mix of relaxation and activities. Kohler had early Sat. morning swim practice, then his high school meet. In the afternoon, he and I napped, while Kaden, Kieran, and Stoehr went for a hike. Saturday night Kieran had his first ever basketball game! He was sent in a couple times, and did great. Kohler & Kaden stayed home and watched a movie.

Sunday, after swim practice for Kaden & Kieran, and basketball practice for Kieran, I made maple-oatmeal scones for breakfast. Yum! Recipe from the new Flour cookbook. Later in the afternoon I took the two of them to Borders for some browsing. We brought home carry out from The Cheesecake Factory for dinner; all our favorite dishes!

These are my favorite kind of weekends. Things get checked off the list (new shower curtains, new bedding for our bed), naps and relaxing take place, and there are fun activities so no one gets too bored!

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felicia said...

yummy looking rock cakes...