Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photography: Downtown D.C.

I bought a new set of Lightroom presets the other day and decided to try them out on some photos I took last weekend in downtown D.C. The presets are Cinnamon Rose Zing presets for Adobe Lightroom. I love the pop of color these presets added to my photos!

Lots of colorful row houses in D.C.:

I loved the white with red trim and touches of black in this row house:

I love this shot of the Washington Monument. The grass is so green, the trees blooming white, and the flag's color really pops. I think it's interesting how the color of the stone in the monument changes halfway up:

This is actually the EPA building, but I loved the carvings in the front. Even office buildings in D.C. are beautiful!

The Capitol! I took several shots of the Capitol and tried different presets on each shot for several different looks. Which do you like best? I think I like the first one best myself:

I don't know where these statues were, but I love how the photo turned out:

This was a pretty stone church we passed, and I loved the contrast of the door with the stone:

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